Agents of SHIELD…Blackout Returns?

10/28/15 – I just watched the Agents of SHIELD episode “4,722 Hours” that aired 10/27, detailing Simmons’ plight on some distant planet (re: Utah plus blue filter), and the presence of Will the astronaut, while frustrating for any FitzSimmons supporters (like my wife), was also intriguing. There has to be more to the story, right? It can’t just be a “blue” planet, with a stranded astronaut-ex machina, right? Peeking around the internet, I found the astronauts full name was Will Daniels (if it came up in the episode, I didn’t hear it). Will Daniels in Marvel continuity is…no one, at least no one of note (unless there’s a 616 version of a Euro-league American basketball player). But, you know who IS someone of note, and has the last name of Daniels…Blackout! That’s right, Marcus Daniels, master of the Darkforce, better known as Blackout.

Though Blackout is an artifact of SHIELD’s simpler days of “monster of the week”, long gone by, the nebulous nature of both his “Darkforce” powers and the composition of monolith/portal, and the presence of another Daniels could point to Blackout resurfacing on Agents of SHIELD.

Perhaps a search for his long-lost brother Will is what drove Marcus to such heights in his research of Darkforce, trying to recreate the portal to rescue him, meaning Marcus might be nothing more than a cameo mention.

Perhaps the “Death” stalking the blue planet in “4,722 Hours” is tied to the Darkforce, and Marcus acted as the Earthbound conduit of it, or is part of it now, meaning a full return.

Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence, and Daniels is a common last name.


WIP Episode 26 – Stan-Man (What If Podcast)

Ant-Man, Stan “The Man” Lee, Jack Kirby, The Fantastic Four, and Archangel are discussed on the What If Podcast? How many horseman of the apocalypse are there, anyway? And didn’t you ever wonder what it would be like if Stan Lee could stretch his body to outrageous proportions?

Over The Top Tales – New Comic Available!

Over The Top Tales is available for purchase at

99 Cents for Digital Download

$2.50 for a Print Edition (plus shipping)

Late last year I worked on a comic book, “Over The Top Tales”, which is a pair of stories set in World War I. A full length, black and white comic, “Over The Top Tales” features:

The Beacon –  A young black man from the United States’ 24th Infantry Regiment as he is thrust into action on the front lines of WWI, even before the U.S.’ official involvement! Will Tyler Durham die for a country that won’t even acknowledge his existence in combat?

Into The Mud – Another young soldier who sinks deep beneath the surface of the Ypres Salient in 1917. What emerges will horrify both you and him!

If you’re interested in WWI, horror comics, or black and white comics, give it a look here!

And if you want a sneak peek of what’s inside, take a look over at!

New eBook: Fantastic Team-Ups

For the past year plus I’ve been toiling away at writing my third superhero novella, Fantastic Team-Ups.

Per me:

Tex Arkana is a hero on the run. The Punchin’ Bag is man used to taking abuse. They team up to track down Nero, the man who created and wronged them both. Following the story of The Punchin’ Bag and Tex Arkana, also available in the Kindle store, Fantastic Team-Ups sees David Drake, the erstwhile super-agent Tex Arkana, and Michael Kading, the indestructible but fallible Punchin’ Bag tracking down Nero, a brilliant scientist whose duplicitous intents have come to light. Along the way they encounter robotic drones known as Metaleviathans, gigantic villains Mass and Velossus, as well as the mysterious Agent Black Will Tex or The Punchin’ Bag find redemption from Nero? What roles do The Benefactor or the ninja Genshu play in the whole thing?

For a scant dollary-doo, you can own Fantastic Team-Ups from the Kindle Store!

Cover Art

The What If Podcast on YouTube – Episode 14 (Defenders of Netflix)

What will Marvel’s “Defenders” maxi-series on Netflix bring to the MCU? We discuss Power Man, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil on this episode of the What If Podcast. Vol 2 Issue 2 of What If, “What If Daredevil Killed The Kingpin?”, and the “What If Jessica Jones Joined the Avengers?” serve as the backdrop for this discussion which tackles Daredevil as a goose and whether or not radiation actually gives you powers, among other subjects. This was recorded before it was announced Charlie Cox had been cast as Daredevil, but don’t worry, that wouldn’t have changed the discussion much as I don’t know who that is.

Find the WIP on iTunes!


The entire YouTube playlist!

New piece up on

I’ll have another post up sometime this week, but here is a synopsis to finish an Amalgam fan fiction piece I had started on, following the adventures of The Amazing Bat-Man (Batman/Spider-Man). Other characters include Joke O’Lantern (Joker/Jack O’Lantern), Norman Freis, the Ice Goblin (Mr. Freeze/Green Goblin), Two Face Harvey Rogers (Two Face/Captain America) and Gwen Gordon (Gwen Stacy/Barbara Gordon).

Located here:

Black and White Sketch of Nero

The villain of The Punching Bag and Tex Arkana


Here is a black and white inked sketch of Nero, the antagonist of both of my novellas, The Punching Bag and Tex Arkana. With the Neurological Enhancement Research Operator atop his exposed brain (which is protected by another of his devices, the polymerizer, which renders materials a nigh indestructible plastic), Nero lives up to two supervillain cliches: a brilliant mind bogged down by perpetually scheming, and ridiculous acronyms


Check out his villainous schemes in my ebooks, in Links.

Mass Character Sketch (Black and White)

Mass, dude


I put together this little pen and pencil piece featuring a supporting character from my novella, The Punchin’ Bag. His name is Mass, essentially a ‘roided out giant with ridiculous muscles and a prominent Boston accent. He’s shown here doing two of his favorite activities: flexing and tearing one of his artificially inflated muscles.

Punchin’ Bag Kindle

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