Over The Top Tales – New Comic Available!

Over The Top Tales is available for purchase at IndyPlanet.com/front/product/126499/

99 Cents for Digital Download

$2.50 for a Print Edition (plus shipping)

Late last year I worked on a comic book, “Over The Top Tales”, which is a pair of stories set in World War I. A full length, black and white comic, “Over The Top Tales” features:

The Beacon –  A young black man from the United States’ 24th Infantry Regiment as he is thrust into action on the front lines of WWI, even before the U.S.’ official involvement! Will Tyler Durham die for a country that won’t even acknowledge his existence in combat?

Into The Mud – Another young soldier who sinks deep beneath the surface of the Ypres Salient in 1917. What emerges will horrify both you and him!

If you’re interested in WWI, horror comics, or black and white comics, give it a look here!

And if you want a sneak peek of what’s inside, take a look over at GiantSizeComicThings.com!


Cover Art for Tex Arkana

Because Free Comic Book Day is upon us, I thought it would behoove me to push to get the next installment of my series of superhero novellas, Tex Arkana, out the door.

A link to the Kindle e-book listing will follow once publishing is complete, but in the meantime here is the cover art I made for it.

Cover art for Tex Arkana, the next in my series of superhero novellas

Cover art for Tex Arkana, the next in my series of superhero novellas