WIP Episode 33 – Women In Comics/STHORM (What If Podcast)

We discuss Jane Foster as Thor, Storm as Jack Black, as well as a brief recap of the years superhero movies. Is a comic from 1977 capable of female empowerment? Is Loki stuck up a tree? Why is Storm’s foot so big, anyway? All these questions and more are answered on the What If Podcast.

WIP Bonus Episode 13A – Blasting CAPs

A sequel to the CAPS Locked In episode about this Hail Hydra business, the whole crew talks about the news and subsequent reveals. Make Captain America Great Again!

WIP Bonus Episode 11 – Marvel Vs. DC (1996)

We discuss the monumental, landmark crossover Marvel Vs. DC from 1995 and 1996. With entire universes colliding, is there room for a story? What’s Ben Reilly doing calling himself Peter Parker? Did your favorite hero win? Plus, Lobo, Superboy, and all that other 90s crap.

WIP Episode 32 – Unfinity’d Business (What If Podcast)

We discuss the What If Infinity series of one-shots from last year. I didn’t realize there were five, bought three initially. Now here’s the review of the other two. Plus we review Daredevil Season 2 as well as talking Defenders, Civil War Spider-Man, and probably other stuff. The What If Podcast is back, three members strong!