#inktober – Amazing Fantasy 15 NOIR


I was surprised amongst the myriad Amazing Fantasy 15 homages, cover rips, et al that there wasn’t a prominent example with Spider-Man Noir. I didn’t go digging through deviantART so I won’t claim to be the first, but here’s another entry for inktober. Sharpie, gel pen, and pen and ink (along with some post-production for the logos) and here we are. I think I’ll sell the original at the Portland Comic Expo, this Sunday, if anyone wants it.

A little pen and inktober


Apparently inktober is a thing, and as a pen and ink guy, I’d be remiss if I didn’t contribute something to the pantheon. Occasionally I’ll like to take a panel of The Punchin’ Bag and do it as a larger scale drawing, throw a wrench into the works as far as style (I mean, it’s still me and it’s still black and white, so it won’t be too jarring). So here’s a bit from the next Punchin’ Bag strip, a slightly more detailed or stylized Tex Arkana.

The Punchin’ Bag #1/2 Cover


A slightly cleaner version of the Punchin’ Bag #1/2 Bonus Issue Aschcan Spectacular, upcoming for the Portland Comic Expo in October. It may or may not be a cover swipe of Marvel Team-Up #150.

PB #1/2 is a collection of the first 12 one pagers from ThePunchinBag.tumblr.com.

I was going to collect every 24 pages into an issues, but the Expo came up, so we get a throwback to the days of Wizard and their #1/2 issue mail-aways.