WIP Bonus Episode 12 – Agents Of SHIELD And The MTVU

The Agents of SHIELD Season 3 finale aired recently, and I’ve got some thoughts about it, Skye, Daisy, and the MTVU and how it differs from the MCU. Plus, Man-Thing, Man-Thing, Man-Thing!

#fanartfriday A Slideshow showing the synthesis of Machine Man-Thing 2099

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When I had this silly idea, I figured it would be best to keep it simple and do an homage to two of the more famous covers of the 70s, Machine Man #1 and Man-Thing #1. Using the wonders of MS Paint, I put together a hideous amalgamation ¬†and sent it over to my man Turner. What he sent back to me was better than I hoped for. He’s truly talented.

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WIP What If Podcast Bonus Episode 2 on YouTube!

The What If Podcast returns with a BONUS episode as The Franchise and The Slim James discuss all things Marvel 2099, including Doom 2099, Spider-Man 2099, Venom 2099, Spider-Ham 15.88, X-Men 2099 and Man-Thing 2099! Normally available for the low low price of 2099, this episode is presented entirely free!

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