Preview – Punchin’ Bag Project

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This fall I’ve been working on a little Punchin’ Bag project to have ready for next “con season”. Here’s a preview of some of the panels.

The Whiz watercolor (Amalgam Comics)

In the vein of my Human Lantern colored pencil sketch┬álast time, I made a brief watercolor of The Whiz, another member of The All-Star Winner’s Squad from the DC/Marvel mash-up from June 1997, Super-Soldier Man of War #1. A likely combination of Golden Age speedsters The Whizzer and Golden Age Flash, The Whiz is, in my opinion, an exemplar of bold, simple, superhero design. Lot’s of red, yellow, and blue, I thought the watercolor would give a nice “speed” effect.

Just some pen and cheap watercolor

Just some pen and cheap watercolor