WIP Episode 15 – Not Real America Heroes (What If Podcast) on YouTube!

In honor of upcoming 4th of July festivities, the What If Podcast examines “What If Captain America fought during the Civil War?”, from a series of one-shots in 2006, plus I talk 5 corny “America Heroes” draped in the red, white, and blue.

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The Whiz watercolor (Amalgam Comics)

In the vein of my Human Lantern colored pencil sketch¬†last time, I made a brief watercolor of The Whiz, another member of The All-Star Winner’s Squad from the DC/Marvel mash-up from June 1997, Super-Soldier Man of War #1. A likely combination of Golden Age speedsters The Whizzer and Golden Age Flash, The Whiz is, in my opinion, an exemplar of bold, simple, superhero design. Lot’s of red, yellow, and blue, I thought the watercolor would give a nice “speed” effect.

Just some pen and cheap watercolor

Just some pen and cheap watercolor

Human Lantern sketch (Amalgam Comics)

I just kind of wanted to make a piece for the oft-forgotten, oft-mocked member of Super Soldier’s All-Star Winners Squadron, The Human Lantern. First appearing in Super Soldier Man of War #1 (June 1997) and mentioned in Iron Lantern #1 from the 2nd wave of the Amalgam Comics crossover/mashup, The Human Lantern is a combination of Alan Scott’s Golden Age Green Lantern and the Golden Age Human Torch, Jim Hammond, so let’s call him Alan Hammond. Despite being a combination of two of the Golden Age’s most noteworthy figures, The Human Lantern was reduced to a bit part shilling cake in his only appearance (though he may have a more important influence on the history of the Iron Lantern). ¬†Without further ado, I present the color pencil sketch I made to give a little shine to an overlooked character.

Human Lantern