Top 10 Marvel Vs DC Battles (That Didn’t Happen in 1996)

Batman vs Daredevil. Spider-Man vs Nightwing. Superman vs Ego The Living Planet. These are the battles we sat around dreaming of in 1996. When Marvel and DC had their landmark, monumental crossover, there were still so many fantasy matchups left on the table. Here are 10 of them, presented by the What If Podcast.

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What If Podcast Episode 28 – New Infinity and Beyond – On YouTube!

The What If Podcast returns to discuss the new Infinity event What Ifs (3 out of 5 ain’t bad, at least), as well as Jessica Jones and Civil War! What’s new, pussycat?

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WIP Bonus Episode 8 – Halloween Spooktacular on YouTube!

The What If Podcast presents a very special retrospective on Halloween and DC Elseworlds’ Batman: Castle of The Bat! It’s Frankenstein meets Batman meets Man-Bat. All this and the Ghost of Hank Hill!

Over The Top Tales!

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Over The Top Tales – New Comic Available!

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Late last year I worked on a comic book, “Over The Top Tales”, which is a pair of stories set in World War I. A full length, black and white comic, “Over The Top Tales” features:

The Beacon –  A young black man from the United States’ 24th Infantry Regiment as he is thrust into action on the front lines of WWI, even before the U.S.’ official involvement! Will Tyler Durham die for a country that won’t even acknowledge his existence in combat?

Into The Mud – Another young soldier who sinks deep beneath the surface of the Ypres Salient in 1917. What emerges will horrify both you and him!

If you’re interested in WWI, horror comics, or black and white comics, give it a look here!

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Stan Lee signed my book!!!



The first comic I ever owned was a ragged reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #45 (I wrote about it here). Eventually, as I became an adult, I “closed the loop” and got an original ASM #45 to look good alongside his more modest brother. When I saw that Stan Lee was going to be at the Boston Comic Con this year, I knew exactly what book I was going to get signed. After a brief wait in line (it really wasn’t bad, and I knew I was around appreciative comic book fans) I got up to the table. While Stan’s eyes were down on the table most of the time (part and parcel with keeping such a line moving at such a brisk pace), for a second he looked up after he signed my book (I also think he gave a slight indication that he doesn’t see this particular issue all the time). He smiled a polite smile as I briefly said that he was an inspiration and thanked him. All that waiting and money for about a second of interaction and I was not disappointed. Thanks, Stan.

What If Returns!

I’m pretty excited about this. As the purveyor of all things related to Marvel’s What If? series, including the What If Podcast, I was excited to see that Marvel is bringing back What If in a series of one shots taking on the “Infinity” event.

While I long for the days of more random What If’s not exclusively tied to a mega-crossover from a few years ago (see What If Avx, Age of Ultron), I am glad the legacy lives on.

Full article here.

WIP Bonus Episode 6 – Marvel Zombies (What If Podcast)

The What If Podcast hits you up with a bonus episode on Marvel Zombies, Avengers Age of Ultron nerd rants, and Bebop and Rocksteady! Just Andrew The Giant and The Slim James this time, and it was recorded on The Giant’s birthday! Extravaganza!

WIP Episode 22 – The Age of Vision (What If Podcast)

Daredevil is set to premiere on Netflix April 10. Vision, as it turns out, is the linchpin of the Marvel Universe, and will debut in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The What If Podcast discusses Daredevil, Vision, and the FUTURE of 2013!

WIP Episode 20 – A Strange Movie (The What If Podcast)

In light of the news about Dr. Strange movie, i.e. it will be made and Benedict Cumberbatch is “all but confirmed”, the What If Podcast returns to talk about the fine doctor, the tremulous-hand, arrogant, mustached magician, Stephen Strange. What If Doctor Strange were a Disciple of Dormammu? What If Tony Stark was Sorcerer Supreme instead? Find out! Also, The Nanny returns!