Stan Lee signed my book!!!



The first comic I ever owned was a ragged reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #45 (I wrote about it here). Eventually, as I became an adult, I “closed the loop” and got an original ASM #45 to look good alongside his more modest brother. When I saw that Stan Lee was going to be at the Boston Comic Con this year, I knew exactly what book I was going to get signed. After a brief wait in line (it really wasn’t bad, and I knew I was around appreciative comic book fans) I got up to the table. While Stan’s eyes were down on the table most of the time (part and parcel with keeping such a line moving at such a brisk pace), for a second he looked up after he signed my book (I also think he gave a slight indication that he doesn’t see this particular issue all the time). He smiled a polite smile as I briefly said that he was an inspiration and thanked him. All that waiting and money for about a second of interaction and I was not disappointed. Thanks, Stan.

WIP Episode 17 – Head On Nova, GoTG, Boston Comic Con (What If Podcast)

Taped just two days ago from the Boston Comic Con, the What If Podcast features, for the FIRST TIME EVER, all four panelists, The Slim James, Beezy, Andrew The Giant, and Franchise, discussing the Boston Comic Con, Guardians of the Galaxy, What If Nova Was Four Other People, Forearm, and the Sphinx!

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