WIP Episode 31 – Civilized War (What If Podcast)

We discuss Marvel’s Civil War, in movie, comic book, and What If form on the What If Podcast. Also, the tangentially related questions: What If Iron Man sold out to the government? What if Bill Foster traveled to 1602? What if Multiple Man ate one of his bodies and hung out with Wolverine? All this and a Deadpool review on the What If Podcast!

WIP Episode 30 – O Captain My Captain (What If Podcast)

The What If Podcast discusses the other Captains of the Marvel Universe, Captains Marvel and…Universe. SHAZAM! Mar-Vell! The Uni-Force! Does Peter Parker want to have sex with himself? The answer may surprise you!

WIP Christmas Spectacular 2015! (What If Podcast)

The What If Podcast tells glories of Christmases long long ago, or at least a Top 7 countdown of Christmas Comics podcast-co-host The Franchise owns! Including the one and only Great Lakes Avengers! Plus a dramatic reading of “I’ll be Doom for Christmas” from Marvel What The–?! #10.

WIP Episode 27 – Love and Marriage (What If Podcast)

The What If Podcast returns, discussing love, marriage, and Spider-Man. What If Vol 2 Issues 20 & 21, What If Spider-Man Had Married Black Cat instead of Mary Jane? Plus we discuss Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, and butt stuff!