What If Podcast Season 2 Episode 0 – The Zero Half-Hour

Gentleman & Scholar Comics presents WIP, a show about comics — consuming them, collecting them, and creating them. James Couture, Turner Huston, and Andrew talk about their comic collections, and pitch each other What If scenarios.

This is the relaunch, and this one has just Turner and Jim, testing out formats and doing sound checks. But we also talk 90’s Marvel comics with black and white covers, and inking our own comics.

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WIP Episode 33 – Women In Comics/STHORM (What If Podcast)

We discuss Jane Foster as Thor, Storm as Jack Black, as well as a brief recap of the years superhero movies. Is a comic from 1977 capable of female empowerment? Is Loki stuck up a tree? Why is Storm’s foot so big, anyway? All these questions and more are answered on the What If Podcast.