The Punchin’ Bag Sketch

The Punching Bag


Here’s a quick sketch I did of the resilient, indestructible yet not invulnerable titular hero of my first novella, The Punching Bag. Michael Kading was an ignominious office worker, but was soon thrust into a world of heroes and villains after being exposed to a mysterious device that rendered his body a super durable polymer. With Smart Alec, The Benefactor and other forces pulling the strings, can Michael find it in himself to stop being life’s punching bag?

Punchin’ Bag Kindle

The Punchin’ Bag Smashwords

Tex Arkana Caricature 4 of 4

Tex Arkana olive drab

This is the last of my 4 part series of caricatures of the titular hero of my latest ebook, Tex Arkana, experimenting with different color schemes. This could best be described as yellow and brown, even if I was going for a more militaristic olive drab.

Tex Arkana Kindle

Tex Arkana Smashwords

Tex Arkana available on Smashwords (ebook)

David Drake is a man at war, fighting in the War on Terror. When his armored transport is torn apart by an IED, he’s left to fight his injuries. When David is offered an opportunity to regain normalcy for the price of re-entering combat, the choice is clear. But when he becomes Tex Arkana will he be ready for everything that entails?

Available in a variety of formats for .99


Cover Art for Tex Arkana

Because Free Comic Book Day is upon us, I thought it would behoove me to push to get the next installment of my series of superhero novellas, Tex Arkana, out the door.

A link to the Kindle e-book listing will follow once publishing is complete, but in the meantime here is the cover art I made for it.

Cover art for Tex Arkana, the next in my series of superhero novellas

Cover art for Tex Arkana, the next in my series of superhero novellas

The Punching Bag, now on Smashwords!

The harrowing tale of Michael Kading, The Punchin’ Bag, is now available on Smashwords, to meet your superhero fiction needs across myriad platforms!

I had thought about publishing on SmashWords before, but didn’t give its upload process enough of a look, scoffing at the formatting manual they provide for free and the fact that I couldn’t upload a raw html file. After only a little bit of fiddling, however, I uploaded it and it seemed to go just fine.