Doughboy – Hope

Doughboy: Dough

Because you were thinking, “man, you know what we need, ANOTHER Obama/Hope poster parody”. Overdone and not timely at all? Sounds right up my alley. I doubt, however, anyone has dared to pay tribute to the greatest comic book character since Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, Doughboy!

Black and White Sketch of Nero

The villain of The Punching Bag and Tex Arkana


Here is a black and white inked sketch of Nero, the antagonist of both of my novellas, The Punching Bag and Tex Arkana. With the Neurological Enhancement Research Operator atop his exposed brain (which is protected by another of his devices, the polymerizer, which renders materials a nigh indestructible plastic), Nero lives up to two supervillain cliches: a brilliant mind bogged down by perpetually scheming, and ridiculous acronyms


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Mass Character Sketch (Black and White)

Mass, dude


I put together this little pen and pencil piece featuring a supporting character from my novella, The Punchin’ Bag. His name is Mass, essentially a ‘roided out giant with ridiculous muscles and a prominent Boston accent. He’s shown here doing two of his favorite activities: flexing and tearing one of his artificially inflated muscles.

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