New eBook: Fantastic Team-Ups

For the past year plus I’ve been toiling away at writing my third superhero novella, Fantastic Team-Ups.

Per me:

Tex Arkana is a hero on the run. The Punchin’ Bag is man used to taking abuse. They team up to track down Nero, the man who created and wronged them both. Following the story of The Punchin’ Bag and Tex Arkana, also available in the Kindle store, Fantastic Team-Ups sees David Drake, the erstwhile super-agent Tex Arkana, and Michael Kading, the indestructible but fallible Punchin’ Bag tracking down Nero, a brilliant scientist whose duplicitous intents have come to light. Along the way they encounter robotic drones known as Metaleviathans, gigantic villains Mass and Velossus, as well as the mysterious Agent Black Will Tex or The Punchin’ Bag find redemption from Nero? What roles do The Benefactor or the ninja Genshu play in the whole thing?

For a scant dollary-doo, you can own Fantastic Team-Ups from the Kindle Store!

Cover Art

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