The What If Podcast Episode 18 – Cable Guys on YouTube!

The What If Podcast returns to its slideshow form with Episode 19 as we discuss Cable of the X-universe (-Force, -Men, -Factor, take your pick) as well as Forearm, Marvel movies, and Days of Future Past! Specifically, we cover What If Volume 2, #s 46 and 47, What If Cable Destroyed the X-Men, and What If Magneto Took Over the USA?

WIP Episode 18 – Cable Guys (What If Podcast)

We’re back, once again, with X-Men. In a comic series published in the late 80s/early 90s, repeated X-talks are inescapable. This time, we talk Cable, Dazzler, and the mighty Forearm as we discuss a two-parter, What If Vol 2 #s 46 and 47, What If Cable Killed the X-Men and Magneto took over the USA? Also, cuz X-Men, we talk Days of Future Past and Master Mold!

WIP Episode 17 – Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Boston Comic Con on YouTube!

Taped from the Boston Comic Con, the What If Podcast features, for the FIRST TIME EVER, all four panelists, The Slim James, Beezy, Andrew The Giant, and Franchise, discussing the Boston Comic Con, Guardians of the Galaxy, What If Nova Was Four Other People, Forearm, and the Sphinx!