WIP Wrestling Is Podcast 2 – Bonus Episode

Listen as four goons, three of which are distinctly outside the “wrestling bubble” discuss wrestling past and present. WrestleMania 31 Recap, our favorite and least favorite wrestlers, moves, etc. What a maneuver!

WIP – Wrestling Is Podcast!

WrestleMania season is upon us again, and the What If Podcast tries its best to wrap their collective heads around current day WWE. WrestleMania 31 predictions abound! Roman Reigns?

The What If Podcast Episode 18 – Cable Guys on YouTube!

The What If Podcast returns to its slideshow form with Episode 19 as we discuss Cable of the X-universe (-Force, -Men, -Factor, take your pick) as well as Forearm, Marvel movies, and Days of Future Past! Specifically, we cover What If Volume 2, #s 46 and 47, What If Cable Destroyed the X-Men, and What If Magneto Took Over the USA?