The What If Podcast Episode 18 – Cable Guys on YouTube!

The What If Podcast returns to its slideshow form with Episode 19 as we discuss Cable of the X-universe (-Force, -Men, -Factor, take your pick) as well as Forearm, Marvel movies, and Days of Future Past! Specifically, we cover What If Volume 2, #s 46 and 47, What If Cable Destroyed the X-Men, and What If Magneto Took Over the USA?

WIP Episode 18 – Cable Guys (What If Podcast)

We’re back, once again, with X-Men. In a comic series published in the late 80s/early 90s, repeated X-talks are inescapable. This time, we talk Cable, Dazzler, and the mighty Forearm as we discuss a two-parter, What If Vol 2 #s 46 and 47, What If Cable Killed the X-Men and Magneto took over the USA? Also, cuz X-Men, we talk Days of Future Past and Master Mold!