Icarus 3021

Over on Pencil Fight Club the prompt for January was to imagine the world 1,000 years in the future. As a fan of alternate future heroes, I thought I’d go mythological and imagine Icarus 3021 – a man who not only flies close to the sun, but walks on its plasmatic gassy surface in a very shiny suit. Good for a bit of fun and color practice.


Inktobird Posts – Part 1

A whippoorwill on my parents’ garage in the soft glow of the moon

When I was young, probably a young teenager, a whippoorwill decided to take up residence on my parent’s garage. Despite being a ground bird, I swear this one posted up on the roof, meaning his (nocturnal) calls were muffled for my parents on the first floor, and seemed to be funneled directly at me. I threw open the window, hollering at the thing to try and get it to leave. Though it was dark, I thought I could make out this lump on the roof, steadfastly remaining to continue his call throughout the night.

Lil’ Moments of Obstinance Part Deux

Over quarantine I’ve been working on a comic about my dog, Lily, for the MICExpo mini-grant contest thingy. It was great to work with my partner on this as a collaboration as she did most of the verbiage and some editorial work and I just told a story through pictures, and test out doing cleanup, grays and tones on the ol’ iPad after I drew everything by hand. Here are some more images as I anticipate printing off the thing for MICExpo or for my own dang self.

Entering contests and these sorts of projects is a fun way to keep motivated as I abstain from cons for the foreseeable future, and the responsible cons abstain from themselves.

Part and parcel with doing comics at home is opening up a storefront to sell off some of the physical media I had ready to go for comic shows. So if you want a mini-comic, or a coffee mug sticker, check out:


Comics For Sale!


So for some obvious 2020 reasons I’m not going to be doing any comic shows for the foreseeable future. With that in mind I’ve turned to you, the internet, to sell my physical books, as well as coffee mug stickers and a few “Just Like Comics” pins!

Check it out at http://gscomics.storenvy.com/

There’s some print exclusive stuff here, including:

Eight colorful pages of The Indefatigable Punchin’ Bag

Comics about a melancholic Canada goose named Etienne

A limited hand stapled ashcan of something called “Tex Arkana 2020”, made in late 2019 when I thought the only thing weird about 2020 was going to be that it was a two digit number repeating.

Plus a Punchin’ Bag trade if you’re feeling saucy.


Angelhair 2020 – Rear Cover


Yesterday I posted about my digital comic, Angelhair 2020, and how it’s really the embodiment of the cliche that “hindsight is 20/20”, pun intended. That being said, I did work very hard on this rear cover as an homage to one of the very early comic books in my collection as a youth, Spider-Woman #45. It was really fun to recreate color schemes and apply analogues from my “universe” into this cover — that’s why every rear cover I do is an homage, usually to some lesser Marvel cover that’s more important to me than being instantly recognizable.

Angelhair 2020 is available on comiXology: cutt.ly/gscomix

PS: Odd synchronicity that I have such a strong connection with Spider-Woman #45 and Amazing Spider-Man #45

Angelhair 2020 on comiXology


January 2020 I worked on some comics when I thought the craziest thing about the year would be the repeating 2 digit numbers, and had some fun with the “sci-fi sounding year”. Little did I know it would be so much more, and a distant side effect would be not doing comic shows for the foreseeable future.

Angelhair 2020 is 12 full color pages about a woman trying to lead a team while dealing with management too hung up on how “cool” the number 2020 sounds. In hindsight, a little short sighted.

I’ll end up getting this printed for posterity, but for now it’s available digitally onĀ @comixology