Lil’ Moments of Obstinance Part Deux

Over quarantine I’ve been working on a comic about my dog, Lily, for the MICExpo mini-grant contest thingy. It was great to work with my partner on this as a collaboration as she did most of the verbiage and some editorial work and I just told a story through pictures, and test out doing cleanup, grays and tones on the ol’ iPad after I drew everything by hand. Here are some more images as I anticipate printing off the thing for MICExpo or for my own dang self.

Entering contests and these sorts of projects is a fun way to keep motivated as I abstain from cons for the foreseeable future, and the responsible cons abstain from themselves.

Part and parcel with doing comics at home is opening up a storefront to sell off some of the physical media I had ready to go for comic shows. So if you want a mini-comic, or a coffee mug sticker, check out:

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