Hulk Bunny 15.88


An uncolored sketch of Hulk Bunny 15.88, the hairy hare that’s an amalgamation of Hulk Bunny and Hulk 2099. All part of the 15.88 series, including the Top 10 Spider-Ham characters who aren’t Spider-Ham!

Marvel Animal Characters Profiled


I present to you the Marvel Animal characters from What The–? #13. All hail glorious Moo Knight and Arf Angel!

Nick Furry is a frightening concept for taking “cosplay” to a whole new level. Hogeye gets bonus points for eschewing the animal already in his normal name (“Hawk” eye?). Speedbull stands out by being a goofball (another Speedball parody name in its own right). The look on Punisheep’s face is stellar, though he can’t compare to Punfisher.

More on Spider-Ham and Marvel animal characters will be coming soon!