Marvel Animal Characters Profiled


I present to you the Marvel Animal characters from What The–? #13. All hail glorious Moo Knight and Arf Angel!

Nick Furry is a frightening concept for taking “cosplay” to a whole new level. Hogeye gets bonus points for eschewing the animal already in his normal name (“Hawk” eye?). Speedbull stands out by being a goofball (another Speedball parody name in its own right). The look on Punisheep’s face is stellar, though he can’t compare to Punfisher.

More on Spider-Ham and Marvel animal characters will be coming soon!

Fan Art Friday – Spider-Boy 2099


Here’s a quick study in coloring on the Amazing Amalgam, Spider-Boy 2099! What started out as a light pencil sketch didn’t scan too well, so some Sharpie and Pixlr gave it some color as I play with shading. I think I might do a couple more colors of the same sketch.

If you’re wondering what Spider-Boy 2099 is, check it out here. An alternate future of a meta-fiction crossover of Spider-Man and Superboy from 1997? Sign me up!