Top 10 Marvel Vs DC Battles on Soundcloud

I’ll throw the occasional track up onto Soundcloud. This is one of those.

Batman vs Daredevil. Spider-Man vs Nightwing. Superman vs Ego The Living Planet. These are the battles we sat around dreaming of in 1996. When Marvel and DC had their landmark, monumental crossover, there were still so many fantasy matchups left on the table. Here are 10 of them, presented by the What If Podcast.

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The WIP (What If Podcast)

I once again got the itch to make “content”, and felt a podcast would be the best platform. I figured I’d put my recently completed (until the release more) Marvel “What If?” collection to use and decide to make the WIP, the What If Podcast! If you like discussion about decades-old comic books, take a listen!