#inktober – Amazing Fantasy 15 NOIR


I was surprised amongst the myriad Amazing Fantasy 15 homages, cover rips, et al that there wasn’t a prominent example with Spider-Man Noir. I didn’t go digging through deviantART so I won’t claim to be the first, but here’s another entry for inktober. Sharpie, gel pen, and pen and ink (along with some post-production for the logos) and here we are. I think I’ll sell the original at the Portland Comic Expo, this Sunday, if anyone wants it.

A little pen and inktober


Apparently inktober is a thing, and as a pen and ink guy, I’d be remiss if I didn’t contribute something to the pantheon. Occasionally I’ll like to take a panel of The Punchin’ Bag and do it as a larger scale drawing, throw a wrench into the works as far as style (I mean, it’s still me and it’s still black and white, so it won’t be too jarring). So here’s a bit from the next Punchin’ Bag strip, a slightly more detailed or stylized Tex Arkana.

The Punchin’ Bag 13: Tex Arkana

I had to take a few weeks off to work on prints and actual, factual, printed comic books for Gentleman & Scholar Comics‘ booth at the Portland Comic Expo. It’s surreal.

Now, though, PB is back talking to an old friend of GSC, Tex Arkana. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t go well for The Punchin’ Bag. You’ll get’em next time, Punchy!


The Punchin’ Bag 7: Zone Defense

The Punchin’ Bag encounters an inescapable realm: the friendzone.

Is the friendzone real? Is it a matter of confidence? Is it wrong to expect something out of a relationship with the opposite sex and not accept it for what it is, which may just be friendship? Or does the pain of liking someone and them not liking you back make “just being friends” too difficult to realistically pull off?

My wife and I debate the merits of lamenting being friendzoned, herself having to deal with guys who acted like friends but turned a cold shoulder once they realized “it” wasn’t happening, and myself mired in several friendzones in my youth, lamenting that a girl I liked just didn’t see me “that way”.

Your thoughts?