Bob’s Burger Fan Art

Sadly, I don’t think my take on Bob and Mr. Fischoeder (Fishoder? Fish Odor?) got chosen for their “Fan Art Episode”. So let me share them with you, in my “cartoony but grounded” style, with sad eyes and wrinkly faces.


The Punchin’ Bag 21: Teammates

Because sometimes people on your team aren’t actually your teammates.

From Gentleman & Scholar Comics

#inktober – Amazing Fantasy 15 NOIR


I was surprised amongst the myriad Amazing Fantasy 15 homages, cover rips, et al that there wasn’t a prominent example with Spider-Man Noir. I didn’t go digging through deviantART so I won’t claim to be the first, but here’s another entry for inktober. Sharpie, gel pen, and pen and ink (along with some post-production for the logos) and here we are. I think I’ll sell the original at the Portland Comic Expo, this Sunday, if anyone wants it.