What if there was a What If? Amazing Spider-Man?

As the preeminent super-fan of Marvel’s What If? series, I was piqued by a text from Andrew The Giant about a recent What If release. Turns out it was just the TPB of the Age of Ultron What If from April. However, while looking it up I found this on Marvel’s website:

whatifasmThe “What If Amazing Spider-Man” link was broken, but it got me looking. I couldn’t find any releases about solicitations/future releases for a What If Amazing Spider-Man. Could Marvel be planning another What If one-shot, this based on the end of Superior Spider-Man? I imagine the easiest What If would be to ask “What If Dr. Octopus remained in control of Peter Parker?” Are there any other ideas out there, ones that could stretch this to a multi-part set of one-offs, as Marvel’s prone to do with What If’s recently?


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