What If…Venom Possessed Iron Man? (Synopsis)

The following is a synopsis for a fan-fiction/short story idea I had based on one of my favorites, Marvel’s What If? Since I’m focused on writing my own stuff now, I figured I would write up the synopsis and present it with a small illustration. Without further ado, I ask you…

What If…Venom Possessed Iron Man?

A picture of Iron Man/Venom

Pursuant to a battle with Venom (reference Iron Man volume 1 #302), Tony Stark is possessed by the insidious alien symbiote after a particularly harsh blast weakens the grip the symbiote has on Eddie Brock’s body (Brock and the symbiote’s relationship had become strained as Eddie tried to ‘control’ the symbiote’s instincts).
Possession by the symbiote creeps up on Stark slowly, the physical stress of assimilation causing him to return to alcoholism. This renders Tony almost werewolf-like in possession, with the symbiote preying upon Stark’s weakened mental defenses when he’s drunk in order to cause him to go out “prowling” at night.
Eventually, when meeting with the West Coast Avengers, an argument over Tony’s alcoholism causes him to fly into a rage, unleashing the full power of the symbiote. Emboldened, it integrates with Tony’s Iron Man armor. The new hybrid, calling itself Rampage, goes on a tear, killing the US Agent and Mockingbird in his inital onslaught.
Heading across country, he KO’s the Hulk along the way, before murdering Spider-Man in NYC out of the symbiote’s instincts. In an ensuing battle with the Avengers, Hawkeye, fueled by rage over the death of Mockingbird, damamges Rampage with a barrage of sonic arrows. The durress causes the symbiote to split, producing a spawn which easily overtakes the emotional, unfocused marksman.
The new amalgam, calling itself Carnage, begins a 3 way war with Rampage and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With other heroes joining the fracas, Iron Fist is killed when he tries to help.
Uatu, fearing Earth’s protectors, and consequently, the universe, are in too grave a peril, guides the Uni-Force to Earth, where it possesses Captain America. The enigmatic Captain Universe drives the symbiote from Carnage, and Tony Stark, in greater control with his symbiote weakened from spawning, cannot bear to live with his recent murderous ways and committs suicide.
Captain America/Universe, in his last act with the Uni-Power, flies the two symbiotes to space and casts them outward into the abyss, abating the threat…for now.

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