The Punching Bag – It Begins

Recently, The Slim James published its (his? my?) first e-book in the Kindle Store, The Punching Bag. A piece of superhero fiction, it follows Michael Kading as he struggles with his identity, both in and out of the guise of the titular Punching Bag.

The Punching Bag has its origins in one of the myriad of superheroes I created, well, mostly drew, as a kid. I always thought it would be cool to have a guy whose only power is to get his ass handed to him, absorb the punishment, and keep on chugging.

Frustrated and bored at an office job after college (my how little some things change), I decided to flesh out the whole thing into a novella. What we’re left with is a piece I believe is at least fit for human consumption, and what could possibly be the middle part of a three part series.

Check the book out here and be prepared as the next few posts will be PB related.

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